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Stoned Evergreen Travelers, James Hunnicutt, and Dogbite Harris and the Selfish Bastards

  • Flood Valley Brewing 289 Northwest Chehalis Avenue Chehalis, WA, 98532 United States (map)

Metal Grass, Hellbilly Rock

Label: Ruckus in the Records
*This bio is intended to be read in the voice of Sam Elliott. So, if you can get that sound going in your head as you read, we’d appreciate it, thanks.

Stoned Evergreen Travelers want to take you on a ride, in a hellfire guzzling hot rod, through a world of tales vividly told against a backdrop of ass whoopin’ rock n’ roll hellbilly psycho sludge to melt your brain… and they want to make sure you enjoy your journey through it with ’em.

So, indulge with your beers, brownies, bongs, or bubble bath and let the ride begin as their songs paint pictures with haunting stories of murder, loss, and agonizing descent into madness, where the evil, the scorned, the angry, the lonely, and the stonedly are all heard screaming, brooding, stalking, scratching, pounding and destroying, all while bringing general mayhem and vengeance to the landscape in which they’re composed.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, the Travelers take their unique party style tradition to stages everywhere, from farmland festivals and bar rooms way out in the boonies to dirty clubs in big cities and small ones alike, with just one mission… to put hands together, smiles on faces, and fists in the air.

For these intents and purposes, they’ve got a diverse mix in their bag o’ tricks consisting of blistering guitar wizardry, channeled from Handsome Pepper’s long, white beard, through his finger tips to the strings of steel, along with his powerful rants and angst-fueled tirades, embodying an 80’s punk rock kind of spirit that both the working man and the anarchist can get behind, in between his moody renderings of dark poetry. Also in the bag, the low end pounded out with exceptional skill by TJ Demons, (quite likely the most badass female you’ll ever see slaying the double upright bass) hard, solid, and heavy as a Dodge Ram, whether she’s beating the strings with her hand or shaking the ground below as she pulls the bow across ’em. While she‘s got your bones rattling to the marrow, Frey McGregor, of the clan McGregor, injects high-octane fury with the power he pours into this psycho-driven ride, beating the drums with the kind of rage that might be identified in a psychological autopsy as the reason for such extreme overkill in a victim with an unusually high number of stab wounds. Then, not completely unlike a cherry on top, but a lot more like the siren wailing atop this Mad Max movie soundtrack-worthy machine, Mischa Kianne brings the electric fiddle shred action, sawing the hell out of those violin strings until they’re smoking with billowing clouds of resin, rising up from her full throttle chugging bow. From speed metal tempo shredding to beautiful, emotion filled, soulful singing on the strings, plunging into dark and chilling sonic scenes that make the hair on the arms of even those with the blackest of hearts stand on end, it sounds as if she took the damn thing from the devil himself when he went down to Georgia, right after she cut him off at the crossroads, distracted him with a kiss, then punched him in the face and snatched it right out of his hands.

Combining elements of outlaw country and honky tonk with those of stoner rock, heavy metal, gypsy punk, and thrash… you could describe Stoned Evergreen Travelers as sounding something like Hank Williams and Metallica wrote a record together (via Ouija) somewhere around 1986, layered with somewhat of an ‘eating mushrooms in the desert with Kyuss’ kinda vibe, and a ‘what if Tom Waits sang in Nashville Pussy?’ sort of style, topped off with a bit of a Gogol Bordello flavor. Yep, a unique brand, indeed. Forged by their devout adherence to one rule… there are no rules, dude. (Keep that Sam Elliott voice going.)

With their name in the billing alongside a veritable smorgasbord of different types of bands, from thrash legends Slayer, Testament, and Anthrax to Lamb of God, and sludge metal masters like Crowbar to acts like Hayseed Dixie, Legendary Shack Shakers, The Goddamn Gallows, and Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies their audience is as diverse as the influences present in their music and the wide range of styles among the bands they’re known to play with.

Their new album Psychedelic Bloodbath, just released on July 20, 2018 through Ruckus in the Records, is now available at shows and will soon be available on digital platforms as well. Their 2016 release, Memoirs From the Dying, is also available at shows, online, and for stream at

Stoned Evergreen Travelers is currently playing a cluster of NW area record release shows, as well as preparing for a tour of the western third of the States with Big John Bates from British Columbia, in late September/early October, as they continue to bring their mind altering murder music storytelling mayhem to every stage they see fit to hit.

Raw, heartfelt, and uncompromising. Oregon born singer/songwriter, Aaron “Dog Bite” Harris is who he is, does what he does, and no trends, cliques, or flavors of the week will ever change that. Dog Bite’s inspiring DIY ethos have seen him self release 3 albums, tour the United States, and co-host a popular podcast, “Dogwater Radio”, on Shooter Jennings “Outlaw Radio” network. Whether he’s on the road, in the studio, or on the airwaves, you can be sure Dog Bite is giving one hundred percent of his heart and soul to anyone that’s listening, and doing so on his own terms.

Here are some quotes about his music form other artists and people from the industry:

“Dog Bite Harris…a singer, a songwriter, a poet, master of the one liner, and one of the greatest, most loyal friends I’m lucky enough to have in this life.”

Owen Mays

Dogbite Harris is a songwriter and performer that puts fire into his songs and for this reason they are his life and he has lived those songs.

Ray Lawrence JR.

“Dogbite Harris is a true singer/songwriter in this world of played out formulas. His lyrics are real, intense, and pure. He writes songs about what he sees and he performs them with a passion. A must listen for any fan of true country music”

Jashie P. Outlaw Radio Chicago. And

Dogbite Harris is a badass mutherfucker who sings lullaby’s for the Devil from Hep-Ner Oregon!

Ron E. Rebel from the Shiving Denizens.

True blue; through and through. Songs about everything… Real hurt. Real problems. Real love for the traditional song. Dogbite is one of my friends, and one of my favorite solo singer/songwriters of the genre.

Eric Koenig Walk the Plank Productions

DogBite is definitely one of the real balladeers out there today. living the music he writes and performs. telling the stories of ‘us’… Jack Gibson.. Exodus and Coffin Hunter
Dog Bite Harris takes music and breaks it down to it’s rawest form. 6 strings, a great voice, and song writing that takes the “POP” out of country. He writes and sings about the experiences and feelings of the common folk. There’s no songs about beaches or being a wanna be cowboy in his catalog. Dog Bite writes and sings about how he see’s life and life ain’t always pretty and it ain’t always perfect. His songs put it all on the table and that my friends is what makes real country music!

Blake Clayton

Dog Bite Harris is the kind of singer that doesn’t need to prove hits roots to anyone. He’s a road poet that sings about what we all feel. Great songs from a great guy that everyone can benefit from knowing.

Jayke Orvis The Goddamn Gallows

Dog Bite Harris is raw and real. Country music the way it was meant to be played….

Outlaw Radio Chicago

Dog Bite Harris’s music is invigorating and passionate.. he exemplifies the life of an American song writer trying to make his voice heard in ever indifferent people like Dog Bite Harris are keeping Americana alive in a time when it would otherwise fall into utter obscurity…….

Zac Sawyer The Sawyer Family

Dog Bite sounds like a sexy Steve Earl


Dog Bite’s music will make you wanna take the next rocket ship to Mars. His music is out of this world-good.”

Rachel Brook

Earlier Event: September 14
Follett & Boggs